Fitness Is A Personal Journey

Awhile back, I posted this photo on my Facebook timeline to show the transformation of my post pregnancy body ( 18 months) after having my daughter.

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I caption the photo “Fitness is a journey NOT a race”

The purpose for posting the photo was to encourage new moms to NOT fall into the trap of feeling the need to race against time to get back in shape just because other moms on Facebook, Instagram had already “bounce back” 3, 6 or 9 months postpartum!

This is my own story:

Shortly after giving birth to my daughter, I had these crazy expectations from friends (non-mothers), ex-coworkers and some (well-meaning) family members to see me “bounce back” in shape. Yes, I was in really great shape prior to getting pregnant and fitness was MY thing. However, nothing had prepared me for the chaos, lack of sleep and pure cluelessness of motherhood. I knew the expectation was unrealistic but it still put a lot of unnecessary pressure on me as a new mom. I’m not sure if I had suffered postpartum depression at the time but if I was on the borderline of it…. imagine having people constantly asking me “where did your six pack go“? Or “why is it not back yet“? (while I was still trying to figure out how to keep this 3-month old human being alive) would have definitely pushed me over the edge of going insane. Sad smile

As I reflect back on that photo/post, I’m thinking about those of you who are still not where you want to be on your fitness journey yet and instead of it being a source of encouragement it becomes another source for comparison (which is NEVER my intention) I want to also say this to everyone, “fitness is a journey but it’s also a personal one.”

Everyone starts at their own time (especially if you’re a new mother) please take your time! You don’t owe anybody an explanation as to why you haven’t gone back to the gym yet? Or why you’re still eating everything in sight even though you’ve stop breastfeeding 16 months ago Smile with tongue out

The ONLY reason to start exercising and strive for a better body shape is because you want to and not because other people will think less of you as a mother, when you don’t look like you take care of yourself (chances are it’s probably because you’re too busy caring for everyone else).

For me, after many months of struggling to get back in shape, mostly due to lack of sleep. I decided to stop listening or responding to comments about my weight gain. Best Decision Ever! Then, as soon as I tune out everybody else’s expectations of me. I was able to tune in to my own self and discovered the weakness & strength in this new motherly body of mine. My fitness journey became wonderful, personal and on my own time.

When you’re ready, I’m always here to help Smile 

Yours In Health & Fitness

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