Mommy Musings #1


Welcome to the 1st week of mommy musings, last Sunday morning, I woke up to find a huge crack on our vegetable bin inside our new Samsung fridge. My husband called the company but was told that the warranty does not covered vegetable bins despite the fact that we’ve only had the fridge for less than 6 months, so this is clearly a craftsmanship issue but there was nothing that we could do about it because the ‘warranty’ does not cover poor craftsmanship. Note to Self: Don’t buy Samsung next time Sad smile moving on…


On the lighter side of our Sunday. We had dinner at my mother’s place and she was very proud that her grand-daughter LOVES eating rice Smile L.B. is 1/2 Chinese so it shouldn’t be such a big surprise Smile with tongue out


Ever since L.B. was able to say the word “Oowl” and seem to be very fond of seeing owls everywhere she goes. We’ve been on a parental mission to buy anything that has an owl on it for her.

So far, she has;

  • A stuffed owl animal
  • An owl blanket
  • An owl dinner plate

We even have owls on our shower curtains and we’re constantly on the lookout for toddler t-shirts with owls. So, while we were shopping at Home Sense for towel racks last week. We ended up leaving the store with no towel rack but we bought this super cute wooden stool with an owl on it!!! P.S. She wasn’t nearly as excited as we were when she saw it. 🙁 oh well 😛

2015-06-15-10.35.48.jpgOn Monday, we hung out with L.B’s bestfriend (they’re born 1 week apart) his mom happens to be one of my closest mommy friend. When we were both on mat leave, we hung out almost every single day. I am so grateful for her friendship which has made the first year of mommyhood so much easier. She has gone back to work but we still try to arrange play dates for the kids to get together and for us to catch up.

2 kids and a log

2 kids and a log

L.B. loves to share her cherrios

L.B. loves to share her cherrios

Maybe its just me, but I’ve always felt that L.B. is really advance for her age (I’m sure ALL mom’s feel this way about their own kids) but on Tuesday, I realize that my suspicion is true. She is only 21 months but has officially enter the stage of the “terrible twos” ! Well, maybe “terrible” is not the correct term to use here (she is such an amazingly well-behaved little girl) but this child is definitely training herself to become a stunt woman with all these dangerous acts of climbing on everything!!!


I’ve been feeling pretty good about the results of my hard-work (selfie time) but it’s important to remember that fat-loss is never permanent. You have to keep working out and eating right to stay fit. Fitness is a lifestyle.



My mommy walking group is so much fun. Every mom that I’ve met in this group is so supportive of each other. Today, I had 2 moms help another new mom push an empty stroller so that she could hold her baby and continue her walk with us.


A sneak peek of our bathroom renovation…(I’ll be posting the transformation once it’s completed) can’t wait, I’m so excited !!!



My in-laws has graciously offered up their place for us to stay while we wait for our renovations to be finish. So here, Daddy is showing L.B. the ropes around Grandma’s garden. Parental lesson of the day:  You have to earn your keep Smile with tongue out


I’ve decided to make Fridays “Fun Food Day”, so here are some yummies that I ate on Friday and the fun continued on Saturday where we went out for a family dinner at Swiss Chalet.



  • Chocolate Coffee
  • Peanut Butter on Polish Bread


Saturday’s Dinner:

  • 1/2 Rack of Pork Back Ribs
  • 5 Honey Garlic Chicken Wings
  • Swiss Chalet Fries
  • Quarter Chicken Dark (which I gave to L.B.)

2015-06-20 19.07.30



I hope y’all have a wonderful week ahead…and to all the super daddy’s (i.e. my Super Hubby) Happy Father’s Day.


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