Mommy Time: Workout (45mins)

This post is long overdue. For mommies still looking for the perfect workout to fit into their new schedule. I’ve been there and I’m still there on (most days). So, how can a busy mommy find the time to workout on top of all the chaos that goes on in the day?

Solution: Workout when the baby sleeps!

I have set-up the following workout sets, so that I can commit to 10min workout sessions.

WarmUp: Treadmill for (9mins)

  • Walk at 3.0-3.5 pace of mph (2:30 mins)
  • Sprint at 7.0 -10.0 mph (30 sec)
  • Repeat this 3x

Workout Set#1 (10 mins)

  • Incline Barbell Press @ 45lbs for 8reps
  • Straight Arm Barbell Curl @ 30lbs for 23reps (feel the burn)
  • Ab Twist @ 9lbs for 23reps
  • Repeat this 3x

Workout Set#2 (10mins)

  • Sift Leg Deadlift @ 30lbs for 8reps
  • Barbell Squats @ 45lbs for 8reps
  • Mountain Climber for 30-60sec

Workout Set#3 (10mins)

  • Dumbell Row @ 20lbs for 8reps
  • Tricep Kickback @10lbs for 8reps
  • Flat Bench Lift for 8reps

Cool Down (3mins)

  • Breath in and reach for your toes and hold for 30-45secs, release and breath out as you are coming back up
  • Repeat 3x

Now keep in mind this workout may get completed on a perfect day, but on most days you may only manage to get in 1 workout set before your baby unexpectedly wakes up and that is okay… because 1 is better than none. Right?

The weights shown are what I can safely lift with proper form, keep in mind that you may use more or less depending on your own fitness level. Please don’t be discouraged if you can’t lift as much because we all have to start somewhere and the beauty of strength training is that with consistent training and good eating habits, you WILL get stronger. It doesn’t matter where we start but the most important thing is that we do.

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