Sandbanks Beach & The Big Apple

The original plan was to drive up to the cottage this weekend. Unfortunately our plans fell through, so we decided to drive 2.5 hours to Sandbanks Provincial Park to spend some family time on the beach.

The traffic was not bad, but it was a really long drive…I was SO surprised by how calm/happy L.B. was during this road trip after hearing countless stories from other moms about the horrors of taking road trips with a toddler in the car. We didn’t bring much toys and she only had a couple of books in the car but I think having a cooler packed full of her favorite snacks really helped with keeping her happy Smile


We knew about a fee to get into the park but we didn’t know how much it was until we got there! The cost of a “daily vehicle permit ” was $17.00 bucks! The signage for the fee was so far away, I had to really zoom in with my camera to get this photo Smile with tongue out


This was the 1st time L.B has stepped into Lake Ontario. The water was still a bit cold but she was so excited, she didn’t seem to mind Smile with tongue out


Being great parents means that we’ll never leave the house without packing healthy meals for our daughter. But, this is what happens when we forget to pack an extra cooler for ourselves.


I think my hubby called this a really expensive “cracker with meat” it was super salty and kinda gross but it was better than an order of french fries (which might have tasted better) but we wouldn’t be getting any protein. Note to Self: Never go on a road trip again without packing enough food for everyone in the car !


We ended up spending 3 hours at the beach before heading to the trails for a nature hike. Unfortunately, the trail was closed.


But this gave us more time on the way home to stop by The Big Apple bakery. Smile with tongue out


Nothing beats my mother-in-law’s homemade cakes & pies, but the fresh baked apple pies here takes a close 2nd place.


But first, a visit to the Animal Land located just right outside of the bakery. It was very considerate of the property owner to put up signs that read:



I always thought it was common sense for parents (to be responsible for their children’s safety) but there must have been enough incidents, which has proven otherwise for the owner to put these signs up everywhere. LOL



There were so many choices but we knew that the most sensible thing to do was to pick just 1 and bring it home to share with my in-laws. So, I we chose the Apple Caramel!wlEmoticon-smile.png


*We were stuck in traffic for like 3 hours on the way home, so as soon as we got home. We quickly jumped in the shower, ate dinner and the delicious pie (forgot to take a photo) and everyone passed out! *except for L.B*


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