What Does Spending Time with God Mean ?

I’ve been doing this thing, waking up at 4am (on and off) for about a couple of years now.

This is MY attempt at “spending time with God”. First, I would pray (something scripted from a sermon I’ve heard awhile back and then I’ve printed it and posted in the kitchen so that I can read from it) and then maybe read a bit of scripture or daily devotional content and then even before saying “amen” I would almost always end up being distracted by the sinkful of dirty dishes, laundry that needs to be done or go back to mindlessly browsing facebook. Despite of this, I guess any amount of time spent in prayer/devotion is valued by God than spending no time at all. Seek the Lord first, every day and my path shall be made straight.
Today, I started thinking about what does it REALLY mean to spend time with God? By nature, I’m a very task oriented person and everything that I do is scheduled (even if I don’t always stick to it) and spending time with God has naturally been “scheduled” at 4am every morning. From the moment, I finally accepted Christ into my life (back in February of 2014) the goal has been to pursue a deeper relationship with HIM. I believe in Jesus, I believe he is the son of God, I believe HE is God. A God that loves us so much that he took on human form in order to be closer to us and teach us how to love.

HE is LOVE (a blanket of GRACE). Then, why would I treat this time and this “task of spending time with God” like I do with everything else in my life? As if it was like another TO-DO item waiting to be check-off?

This is time with God. The creator of heaven and earth and all things in it. Why is HE on a To-Do list?

As if my relationship with HIM is part of a daily religious ritual?

Here is what I’ve been pondering about while I’m spending time with God.

  • What have I been doing with this time ?
  • Have I sat in silence, waiting for HIS gentle whisper of guidance for me ?
  • Have I earnestly seek HIM in scripture, so that I can get to know HIM better?
  • Have I prayed honestly, not just thanking him for food, shelter and a family to love.
  • Have I boldly prayed for those who are lost, suffering or dying?
  • Have I been praying for things that matter to HIM ?

What does spending time with God mean to you ?

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