Who Has True Authority?

Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. 

So, this verse came up in bible study class today and while everyone in class kinda challenged the first sentence “Everyone must submit to governing authorities” because we all agreed that currently some of our leaders in office are not exactly God fearing people. Everyone also agree that “all authority comes from God, and those in positioins of authority have been placed there by God.” (i.e.) Church Pastors and Church Elders.

Here is where I would like a little discernment please….what about the church pastors or church elders, who abuse their authority? or maybe just church elders who have their own personal agenda for leading? To lead others is to have certain authority over them and with that kind of power there is bound to be the temptation of pride. I’m not saying that ALL church leaders, pastors or elders fall into the sin of pride because they are leading others. I’m saying that WE need to take it upon ourselves to discern what we hear and follow from some so-called church leaders.

Once upon a time, I attended a church that was filled with loving and caring people. Then one day an elder of the church pulled me aside and told me that “others” in the church has concern about my facebook pictures (i.e.) sexy photos from my past. This is a concern for the church because the young girls at this church (none that I know of) looks up to me as a role model and I may be misleading them. The other concern is that my sexy photos may cause the young men in the congregation to stumble. She quoted something from scripture about how I may be causing others to stumble (1 John 2:10)

I was a new “Christian” back then, and I didn’t have a relationship with Christ. Heck, I didn’t even really believed in Jesus Christ (that’s a another story for another post) yet that didn’t seem to be the more important issue for the church to deal with at the time.

A Christian who didn’t fully believe in Christ is okay to keep attending Church, as long as she unfriends all the young girls/young men at church on Facebook to keep herself from causing her brothers and sisters to stumble. I was naive back then, so I did as the elder had asked me to do. In my mind she has been a Christian longer than I have and knows scripture. She must be closer to God than me, right? 

Nope! In retrospect if I had known scripture better, I would have replied with (Romans 14:13) 

My dear sisters, there is a difference between having head knowledge of scripture Vs having a true relationship with Jesus. I spent 6 years searching for true leadership within a church community to lead me closer to Christ but all I found was hypocrisy and left with a  drained spirit. Now, I may have left Church, but I did NOT leave Christ. In fact, this experience has forced me to stop looking towards others to lead me or for me to follow but it gave me the freedom to pursue God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit on my own terms (without following religious practices)

Some people might argue that I still need to go to church every Sunday. If this is God’s will it will happen again on HIS time. For now, I choose to attend Bible Study on Wednesdays to study scripture, gather with other believers to worship in songs and prayer.  

As for going to a physical building called Church?

I am the Church, because to me Jesus is NOT just with me on Sundays. Jesus is with me everyday.

Sorry, I might have went off on a tangent about this post but my point was to exercise discernment.

Don’t believe everything someone tells you, no matter what authority you think they have in Church.

Jesus is the ONLY true authority in your life, if you let HIM. He will guide you with HIS spirit.

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